Welcome Affiliate

Completing the Affiliate Onboarding process will allow you to begin earning commissions for every successful course sign ups made through your unique affiliate link. This guide includes everything you need to learn on how to become an affiliate up to how you can withdraw your earnings.

On this page:

  • Step 1 – Registration
  • Step 2 – Your Affiliate Portal
  • Step 3 – Promotional Images and Scripts
  • Step 4 – Payout
  • Frequently Asked Questions


To start, click here and fill out the required information in the form. Note: Your Email and PayPal email can be different. We will use your email to get in touch while you will receive your affiliate earnings through your PayPal account.  At the moment, only PayPal is supported as the payout method.

Affiliate Portal

After signing up, you will be redirected straight away to your Affiliate Portal. The Affiliate Portal allows you to:

  • view stats
  • access unique affiliate links
  • export purchase summary report.
  • update profile, email preferences and password.

Click here to login again to your Affiliate Portal.

Promotional Images and Scripts

Download your copy of scripts (email newsletter, social media captions) and images you can use when promoting each course across a variety of platforms.


Payouts are made on a monthly basis. Payouts occur on the 15th of each month (or nearest business day) for the previous month’s sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I decide to update my information later, such as my password and paypal email?

Login in to your Affiliate Portal. On the top right, click on Settings. Here you can update your name, email, paypal email and password.

Are there any payout threshold settings?

None. 🙂

Are there any payout fees involved?

We pay the full 20% to you. Standard processing fees may apply on your Paypal account.

Do I need to provide a disclaimer that I am an affiliate?

Yes, in Australia, disclosure of affiliate links is legally required. The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) mandates transparency in advertising and marketing practices. As an affiliate, you must clearly disclose that your content contains affiliate links and that you earn a commission if users purchase using those links.

Sample script:

Disclaimer: This section includes affiliate links which means I earn a small commission for every purchase from these links. Anything I list here are products I use myself. I will only ever recommend products and services I use, value and truly know will be a support to you in your health and lifestyle journey.

Can I use a hashtag as a disclaimer on social media copy?
Yes. You can use the hashtags like #ad, #sponsored, or #affiliate as a disclaimer when posting on social media platforms.