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Coffee Enemas: How to have your coffee the other way!

Before you even get started:

Make sure you have some filtered water ice cubes in your freezer, ready to use to adjust enema temperature if needed.


Simmer 1- 4 TBS organic MOULD FREE coffee (NOT DECAF – it needs to be caffeinated) in 3 cups of filtered water for 5-10 minutes.  We recommend using ground GREEN coffee beans for best results.

While it’s simmering prep your enema spot.  

A yoga mat and towel on the bathroom floor works well. Pop a box of tissues and a bottle / jar of coconut or olive oil (a little pump bottle makes for easy use!) by your mat.

Before straining the coffee into your enema kit, make sure the clasp on the tube is CLOSED.

Strain the coffee into an enema pot / bag and top up with room temp / cool filtered water to make 500ml -1.5L liquid. 

Check the temperature is not hot and not cold: when you pop your finger into the coffee for 5-10 seconds it shouldn’t feel warm (or cold) – just body temperature. This is very important to prevent burns (or unpleasantness from cold)!

(NB.  You can use organic mould-free roasted coffee, but for additional therapeutic effect we recommend the stronger green beans.  (If you use roasted coffee do NOT use DECAF – it needs to be caffeinated) in 3 cups of filtered water for 5-10 minutes.


Before inserting the enema tube nozzle / catheter tube into your anus, hold the tube over a sink / bath or toilet, release the clasp to get the air out of the tube (you don’t want the air going into your bowels). Then close off the tube with the clasp again.

Lie down on your mat / towel. With the enema pot or bag sitting or hanging from roughly waist height / hung from a door handle / towel rail, lube the tube and your anus with some oil, gently insert the tube. 

Release the clasp, lie on your right side, and let it flow! It may take 5-10 minutes for the coffee to gravity feed into you.

Once you see air come back into the tube (from the bag / pot), clamp the tube closed again BEFORE removing it from your bottom.

You ideally want to RETAIN this enema for 15 minutes. 

Initially you may not be able to – you may only be able to hold for a minute. Or maybe you’ll only manage to take in 500ml or 1L rather than 1.5L before you get strong urges to empty. Use your focus and your breath to control your sphincter (I recommend not being on the phone /screen while doing this – it will reduce your ability to hold the coffee in)! Hold as long as you can and then when it’s time to release, sit on the toilet and let it all go!

As you get more practiced and your gut becomes clearer it becomes easier to hold the full amount and to hold for the full 15 minutes.

HAVE FUN & enjoy your coffee!! xoxo


Want to learn more?  Or are you more of a visual learner?   

Check out WELL EMBODIED’s Coffee Enema Course for more info and easy to follow video instructions!  

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