Aug 20

Get To Know The Amazing Naturopath and Herbalist Fleur

Time to meet our newest team member – Fleur of @wild_alchemy_ who has rich experience of working as a naturopath in Aotearoa (NZ). You can read her professional bio on the website, but here’s a bit of a more personal get to know you …..

What’s your WHY? Why do you show up to do this work?

I deeply care for people and their own uniqueness. I feel passionate about supporting empowering people to connect deeply with themselves in order to harness their own strengths for healing. I believe that when people are able to connect to themselves they are able to deepen their relationship to the earth. I find it beautiful when humans are able to see themselves as sacred and part of the circle of life:

I’m intrigued by the unique suffering and sacredness of all life forms and believe that by walking together on our journey, connecting, sharing and honouring each other, we can gain deeper, richer experience. Together we can release, process or heal trauma or old parts of ourselves that cause us both spiritual, mental and physical pain.

Do you have a morning ritual – something you do for you before you give of yourself out to the world? 

My morning ritual changes but I love to sit with tea (cha dao, I was lucky to be gifted this practice by one of my dearest sisters Baelyn). If I have time I will lay in bed and take a moment to connect with my body and breathe, I’ll usually have a glass of water if I don’t drink tea. I see water as my first medicine for my body and will often infuse it with prayer, intention and minerals.

What is something you’re enjoying geeking out on at the moment?

Anything to do with returning to our true wild selves. I find somatic practices and the mind body connection fascinating and this is an area I am constantly learning about, along with each person I work with, I always learn something new which I geek out on with deep fascination for hours. Oh and qi gong, tcm and healing arts practices.

You can read more about Fleur and her professional background here. Want to book an appointment with Fleur? Click here.

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