Apr 09
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Introducing Our Lovely Nutritionist, Elly Smith

Elly is a nutritionist with 18yrs experience. She has a passion for all things methylation (#MTHFR), #ADHD, #ASD, #thyroid health and more! Elly starts consulting with us at the end of April, and you can book now (link in bio). More details on Elly’s expertise on the website, but let’s kick off with a few personal Q’s ….

What is your WHY? Why do you show up to do this work?

I genuinely LOVE it! From a young age, I have found the human body fascinating and the more I learn, the more passionate I become. Having the knowledge to guide and support people to better health fills me with gratitude.

Do you have a morning ritual?

There is a beautiful feeling of calm and stillness in the early morning – my favourite time of the day. My husband and I are early risers, and without any planning, it has become our time together before the kids wake and the day’s chaos begins.

One morning ritual I have (after drinking some water) is to make myself a warm drink, and I like to listen to my body here… it may be a cup of tea, a bulletproof coffee, miso and bone broth or just apple cider vinegar and warm water. I believe in the benefits of intermittent overnight fasting, but nothing too extreme for me. So I choose to fast anywhere from 12 to 16 hours every night. The timing will depend on how I feel and the type of day that lies ahead.

Something I am geeking out on?

There are always two or three nerdy textbooks on my bedside table – haha! I am constantly in awe of the benefits of fibre – so much more to it than just regulating our bowel movements. I am also “geeking out” on the destructive effect of chronic stress and poor quality sleep on digestive functions and overall health.

Another book I have recently finished is “Slow Butter” by Dr Amy Gajjar. This was all about healing the thyroid naturally. It was fantastic and beautifully written.

You can read more about Elly and her professional background here. Want to book an appointment with Elly? Click here.

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