May 30
Broc Martin

Meet Broc Martin, WE’s First Ever Addiction Specialist and Therapist

We are so thrilled to announce the wonderful Broc Martin has joined the WELL EMBODIED team.

@brocmartinwellbeing is a proud Mithika Punthamarra man, addiction specialist, health coach, and therapist, with a passion for helping individuals heal from trauma and connect with their inner truth. Guided by ancestral wisdom and a holistic approach, he empowers clients to release repressed emotions and find greater clarity and purpose in their lives.

Broc’s work is grounded in the @gabormatemd Compassionate Inquiry approach, which emphasises the importance of compassion, curiosity, and non-judgment in exploring the root causes of addiction and trauma.

You can book with Broc through our website, but for now, let’s kick off with a few personal Q’s ….

 What is your WHY? Why do you show up to do this work?

I consider myself a student, and life is my greatest teacher. From pain to purpose, I seek wisdom and knowledge from every experience. I have a deep passion for being of service and helping others in any way I can. We all hold unique gifts to be shared with the world and I have discovered that the more I give, the more I receive. Love and connection are the ultimate currency and I want to continue to create a life where I embody this as much as possible. In working with others on their healing journey, I also gain further healing alongside them.

Do you have a morning ritual?

I ebb and flow out of morning rituals, in the past I have been very disciplined and regimented and while I experienced great benefits from this, I have come to realise I need to be aware of not over performing from an unhealthy place. These days I love a morning walk or jog, catching the sunrise and being surrounded by the song of nature. A cup of cacao and a light reading from a daily mediations book.

What are you geeking out on now?

I recently attended the Dr Joe Dizpenza Advanced Meditation Retreat, so I have been totally geeking out on his meditations. I’ve been a fan of his work for a few years, read a book or 2, but I always wondered why his meditations were so long. I would lay down even though he says to sit up, and I’d find myself dozing off! But since the weeklong retreat where I gained so much more knowledge through scientific evidence and many, many hours of meditation, I can’t get enough! I now love spending as much time as I can in the void, being no one, no thing, nowhere, just elevating my emotions and making space for mystical experiences to present.

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