Meet The Founder of Well Embodied
Nov 03
Helen Padarin

Meet The Founder of Well Embodied

Hello! 👋🏼 thanks for joining us, and going from me to we! We’re all about a supportive community here. 🧡 TIME *we* start sharing a bit about our fabulous team!

*We* are chuffed you’re here to share this journey together and we thought you might like to know who da hell are we?! Keep an eye out for our first series of posts, introducing *we* to you!

Get to know your crew – first up is *we* founder @helenpadarin.

What’s your #WHY?  Why do you show up to do this work?

To facilitate transformation and evolution in myself and others for richer, more meaningful, connected life. I have and continue to experience the joy and liberation (generally preceded by moving through the depths of something highly uncomfortable) of gradually healing and getting to know all parts of myself – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Wounds new and ancestral.

Through my own #experience it continues to become abundantly clear to me that the way we heal collectively – societies locally and globally – is by doing our own healing. In doing so we remain heart-open, connected to self, nature and others, and we can make informed and #empowered choices and we can choose to respond rather than react circumstances that challenge and trigger us.

Being on this journey myself, I love to gather and connect with fellow travellers along the way! And so I’m grateful to have an incredible team to work with and an incredible community (YOU!) to share the #journey with.

Do you have a morning #ritual – something you do for you before you give of yourself out to the world?

My mornings are reserved for me. Key to a good start for me is not turning my phone on for an hour two after I get out of bed so that I have time to connect with myself first. This ensures I don’t get hyper-stimulated or triggered or instantly busy and pulled out of myself before getting to commune with #ME first. Doing so supports my nervous system, my heart, my #creativity, my peace and my focus for the rest of the day.

What is something you’re enjoying geeking out on at the moment?

#Trauma therapy. I am 2.5yrs into studying #Somatic Experiencing – a body up approach to trauma therapy (rather than a top down talk therapy). It fascinates me how traumas – gargantuan or tiny – impact our nervous system and therefor our behaviours, beliefs, immune & endocrine (hormone) systems. It goes a long way to explain why we do what we do when we know what we know and has a MASSIVE impact on our #health, quality of life and likelihood of disease.


  1. NameCathy Wieckowski (required)
    December 1, 2021 at 12:06 am · Reply

    Hi Helen and your team. I’m not sure who I should come and see so I’ll tell you a bit about me first. I’m 65 am not vaxed, have a wonderful Chiro who does kinesiology and total body moderification and uses food as medicine. I have been going to her since 2016. I have 5 adult kids and 7 grandkids. I live on the Central Coast of NSW. Not much in the way of good gps up here. I suffer from night sweats and hot flushes , restless legs and psoriasis on my feet (it used to be on my head as well but it cleared up). I have done Cindy o’mera’s protical , and 6 months with Kultured Wellness. I’m gluten and mostly dairy free. I eat mostly organic. I an also always bloated from under my boobs down. I walk for an hour most days. Have had testing from Kultured wellness but that was a few years ago and very expensive. I don’t work any more but like to use what money I have on my health.
    Can you let me know who I should see. I thought Pip.
    Thanks Cathy

    • wellembodied
      January 10, 2022 at 1:42 am · Reply

      Hi Cathy, thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the delay in response. I have forwarded your email to the Well Embodied Clinic team who will assist you in booking an appointment.

      Should you have any further inquiries or requests, please email for a faster reply. x

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