Fleur Heaton

Naturopath and Herbalist

As a mama and a practitioner Fleur has both experience and passion for working with other mama’s and mama’s-to-be, in the portal or preconception, pregnancy and post partum care. 

Fleur is skilled in supporting the healing of a wide range of women’s health conditions including yeast infections, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysregulation, gut health issues, viral conditions such glandular fever, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, fibromyalgia, fatigue/stress, and lymphatic and skin conditions.

Fleur clearly loves the wisdom of nature and healing.  Working from a client led perspective she empowers those she works with to unlock and acknowledge their own self-healing wisdom, with connection to nature being an important part of the process.   By working with Fleur you will be supported back to your own equilibrium, and to your Self.

Fleur holds a Bachelor of Naturopathy and is dedicated to professional development and furthering her knowledge in the area of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine.  She has a particular passion for the relationship of trace mineral depletion and chronic illness. This passion is synergised with the utilisation of, somatic healing, Earth medicine, plant medicines and energy healing – a true bridging of science and spirit.

It is imperative to Fleur that as humans we have a collaborative approach to honouring both the individual’s healing needs, whilst tending and nurturing to the needs of our earth – a reciporocal relationship. Fleur has a love and deep appreciation for the gifts that the earth holds and how working in harmony with an individual and nature can bring about profound healing.

Personally, Fleur finds joy in all forms of nature, especially in the forest or near the ocean, and learning from what it has to offer. The land where she lives gives her a sense of connection, as does her dog with whom she spends a lot of time. Fleur loves spending time with horses as there is so much to learn from these creatures. She finds joy from the healing arts and sitting in practices like tea meditation and yoga where she can explore her self and learn from skilled teachers and friends. She also loves time with her friends and family which bring her joy as there are so many of them, especially the children.