Gaia Maestri

Gaia Maestri

Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Welcome, and congratulations for taking a very important step towards a deeper understanding of yourself.  Whether you are currently struggling with your life circumstances or have a sense that some issues have been with you since you can remember, I am here to offer you my unconditional support and care.

The past cannot be altered, but it does not have to impact your present or future.  No matter what happened to you, or what challenging circumstances you are navigating right now, it is possible to enjoy a meaningful life, aligned with your values and enriched by fulfilling relationships.

What to expect from our sessions

Studies have shown that the most important factor for a positive outcome is the therapeutic alliance between the therapist and the client. A safe and nurturing relationship is essential to develop the trust that will allow your self-disclosure and the unfolding of the therapeutic process. I have a warm and empathetic rather than clinical approach that will cause you to quickly feel at ease with me.

As we get to know each other, we will identify the causes of your difficulties, distress or emotional pain and establish the desired outcome for our sessions.

How does it work?

Change is brought on by balancing unhelpful core beliefs about yourself and others and reframing events of your past through a compassionate lens.   Traumatic experiences that have not been processed can be gently handled, allowing the integration of the disowned parts of yourself.

The insights initially facilitated in our sessions will begin to spontaneously and incrementally arise in your daily life as your self-awareness deepens.  New ways of moving in the world will follow, causing maladaptive behavioural patterns to fade and new healthier habits to emerge. Change happens, within and without.

It is an exciting and rewarding journey that I will be honoured to share with you.

How long will I need to see you?

The length of the process is dictated by the nature of your presenting issues. For some, a short-term course of counselling (3 to 5 sessions) will be enough to get you “unstuck” and tap into your resilience. For others, who carry the burden of old pain and trauma, a deeper and longer course of psychotherapy is needed.


About me

I am a lover of truth, forever fascinated by the depth of our hearts and the complexity of our minds. I consider myself extremely lucky to do a work that by nature requires a deep and honest exploration of the human soul.

There is nothing more exciting, moving or rewarding than being part of a client’s healing journey and transformation.

I have extensive experience working in private practice, where I continue to help clients to recover from substance abuse, trauma, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, ADD, co-dependency and other relationship challenges.

I also worked in a prestigious psychiatric facility in Sydney for 7 years, where I facilitated both inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery groups.  Along with patients’ groups, I facilitated psychoeducation sessions for family members of patients affected by substance abuse disorder.

I have undergone my own psychotherapy (how else would I know what it’s like to sit in your chair?), and I am constantly updating and deepening my knowledge through annual training and ongoing learning.

I am well versed in the modalities of Schema Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Qualifications and Accreditations

  • Bachelor of Counselling  –  Australian College of Applied Psychology, Sydney
  • Clinical Member of the Psychotherapist and Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA).

I find joy in the aliveness of nature, the stillness of meditation, the playfulness of my own self-expression through conscious dance, the sweetness in the connection with friends, the swell of my heart when I look at my daughter and each moment spent on the sacred ground of my beloved India.

Learning something new every year keeps my mind young and my heart full, right now I am learning to play the harmonium, an Indian instrument mostly used to accompany the chanting of Sanskrit mantras.