Sheridan Austin


Nutritionist and GAPS Practitioner

Sheridan Austin overflows with passion for nourishing individuals with real food and utilising nature as our medicine. She strongly believes that optimal nutrition is essential in creating the best version of ourselves. Sheridan’s faith in the power and capability of our body’s innate intelligence has led her to a career in nutrition.

As the founder of The Mothers Blend by Foraged For You, Sheridan is a consulting nutritionist, tailoring special needs to help women prepare for and through pregnancy into postpartum. She also assists individuals with an array of personal health issues – from auto-immune diseases, to hormonal imbalances, weight issues, behavioural problems, anxiety, to name just a few. Sheridan is also a certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) practitioner.

As an enthusiastic speaker, writer and practitioner, Sheridan shares nutritional information to leave you feeling empowered and inspired. As The Mothers Blend reaches individuals all over the world, she is excited to be consulting one-on-one again.

Sheridan finds joy in being on the beach, drinking the fresh air, embracing the benefits of grounding and diving into crispy clear water.

She cannot wait to nourish you!