3 Day Detox to Kickstart Your Health


Why Detox? There are essentially 2 main causes of lifestyle illness:

Malnutrition / Depletion – lacking the materials required to build healthy cells, enzymes, hormones etc. tissue breaking down, need restoring to heal.
Toxicity – accumulation of toxic bi-products of environmental exposure, diet, normal metabolism.

So by keeping our cells clean and optimally fed, we are promoting great health and wellbeing.

This eBook will guide you through a 3 day detox, including lifestyle activities, meal plan, recipes and a convenient shopping list.




Why Detox?
Why Detox to Kickstart?
Main organs and systems of elimination
What is the 3 Day Detox (3DD)?
What to expect while detoxifying
Optional lifestyle activities you can include to increase detoxification
Meal Plan
3 Day Detox Recipes
3 Day Detox Shopping List