Liver and Gallbladder Tea


A blend of herbs traditionally used for liver, gallbladder, digestive and detoxification support.

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  • Peppermint Leaves – carminative (relieves gas) and antispasmodic (can reduce spasm of bile ducts / gastrointestinal tract, helps to relieve gastric reflux and indigestion and helps relieve symptoms of IBS).
  • Licorice Root – Hepatoprotective (liver protective), anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective (soothing to the lining if the digestive tract) , anti-inflammatory and healing action on gastrointestinal ulcers and general GIT inflammation and a gentle, mild laxative (dose dependant).
  • Dandelion Root – a bitter tonic and cholagogue, meaning it stimulates the production of digestive acids and bile. A nourishing digestive and liver tonic herb that is also a mild laxative (via stimulating the liver and bile production). Traditionally used for gallstones, gallbladder disorders, liver toxicity, jaundice, constipation, indigestion and difficulty losing excess weight.
  • St Mary’s thistle Seed – Hepatoprotective and cytoprotective (protects the liver and cell from toxin exposure), it improves the production and flow of bile and is a liver and digestive tonic. Traditionally it is used for liver insufficiency, liver toxicity, gallbladder disorders, hepatitis, jaundice and high blood lipids / cholesterol.
  • Fennel Seed – traditionally used for mild indigestion, bloating and flatulence.
  • Calendula Flower – Choleretic (increases bile production and flow), vulnerary, wound healing for the gut lining (great for gastritis, assisting the healing of duodenal and gastric ulcers), lymphatic stimulant (important for immune function, swollen glands and clearing drainage pathways (especially via the kidneys and bowels due to lymphatic and choleretic effects). Anti-inflammatory for the gastrointestinal tract.


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