Shelley Phillips, Our Amazing WE Health Coach
Nov 17

Shelley Phillips, Our Amazing WE Health Coach

Shelley Phillips of is the Well Embodied health coach and such an integral part of this team, we are SOOOO lucky to have her!

What’s your WHY?  Why do you show up to do this work?

Love ! It really is my joy to be and see us all happy, healthy, whole. Any little piece I can be in anyone’s process is my why.

Do you have a morning ritual – something you do for you before you give of yourself out to the world?

Throw open the curtains to greet the day – heat a small white cotton flannel with warm water and wash my face – two glasses of warm water, one with lime and salt. Go!

What is something you’re enjoying geeking out on at the moment?

Reverse geeking! I am practicing how to hand letter .. Tombow pen and hand pressure .. I get lost in word lists!

You can read more about Shelley and her professional background here. Want to book an appointment with Shelley? Click here.

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