Nov 24

The lovely WE Nutritionist Sheridan Joy

Bright and hilarious spark @sheridanjoyaustin is another one of our highly prized nutritionists on the team. Here’s a little peek into how Sheridan ticks …

What’s your WHY? Why do you show up to do this work?

I love doing what I do and showing up because I know there are alternative answers to what others are being told to or convinced to believe.

I understand the power of media and the impact it has had on our population, so to unleash the truth, the actual research, the potential to feel better is an incredible feeling.

I know what it is like to have been extremely fatigued, malnourished, with an array of symptoms, to someone that is energised, free of symptoms and much happier. The change can be challenging, but worth it!

Do you have a morning ritual – something you do for you before you give of yourself out to the world?

My morning ritual has changed dramatically since having my two babies, so it has become a lot simpler as I appreciate those smaller things now.

I ensure I practise deep belly breaths, drink a minimum of 500ml water with a dash of raw apple cider vinegar, and have my bulletproof coffee with ghee, MCT oil and gelatine outside with my husband and babies.

If I have a full consultation day, I will ensure I have a fat and protein based breakfast with plenty of cooked greenery. This ensures I do not need to worry about a lunch, as usually I will be well satisfied and energised for my clients.

If I am not consulting, I will wait until my body tells me it is ready for food, which sometimes may be lunchtime and I will enjoy that little fast.

What is something you’re enjoying geeking out on at the moment?

Oh my, there isn’t really one area I can put my finger on!

Lately, the geekiness is coming out on COVID treatment and detoxification from the latest vaccinations, thyroid health, the deeper research and impact of lifting vitamin D levels, to name a few!

There is more, but I will leave it there!

I am very grateful for the conversations we get to have in the Well Embodied team though. You don’t find a bunch of women like us just down the street!!! I am loving learning and bouncing things off each other. Gratitude is an understatement! 

You can read more about Sheridan and her professional background here. Want to book an appointment with Sheridan? Click here.

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